Democrats and Honduras

The Secretary of State acknowledges there was no coup in Honduras. The Law Library of Congress has published an analysis that concludes that Manuel Zelaya was ousted in a constitutional transfer of power. It was revealed over a week ago by the Miami Herald that Zelaya is not only a socialist wanna-be dictator, but a complete nutcase as well.

Nevertheless, there is no sign that the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats will step back in their support for an unconstitutional return of Zelaya to power. In the latest development, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) has blocked a Congressional fact-finding trip to Honduras led by Sen. Jim DeMint (D-SC). (DeMint will reportedly be going anyway.)

How can we explain this bizarre behavior? The Iranian regime really is illegitimate (even according to its own rules) and additionally is a threat to us, but that regime has our full recognition. On the other hand, Honduras has unbroken constitutional government and is entirely friendly, but we are working to isolate them. We won’t even approve a fact-finding trip!

At this point, it’s getting hard to deny the simplest explanation: The Democrats want Manuel Zelaya in power, regardless of any legal niceties, and regardless of the fact that he is crazy. What could be so special about Zelaya? I’m not aware of a single thing that could matter to us other than his ideology; Zelaya is an unabashed Chavista socialist.

I hate to think that our foreign policy in Central America is being built around expanding socialist autocracy, but it’s become hard to read this any other way.

(Via the Corner.)

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