Obama won’t look at McChrystal report

General McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan, has submitted his report requesting additional troops in the theater, warning the mission would likely fail without them. But President Obama won’t look at the report, it’s been shelved until the White House wants it:

The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan has submitted a request for more troops, a spokesman said Saturday, but the Pentagon will hold it while President Barack Obama decides what strategy to pursue.

Don’t be fooled by the pretense that the Pentagon will hold the report; the Pentagon works for the president. If he wants the report, he can have it. Indeed, there are without question plenty at the White House who have seen it already. This is just a political dance to keep the report at arm’s length for the time being.

This is sheer idiocy. The Obama administration has been in office for over eight months. Any other president would have thought about Afghanistan already. (Unfortunately, Obama cannot “even fake an interest in foreign policy”.) Moreover, if they really thinking about Afghanistan strategy right now, wouldn’t it be useful to see the commanding general’s assessment? Is the president really committed to deciding in ignorance?

(Via Hot Air.)

UPDATE: McChrystal has met with Obama only once since taking command.

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