Our foreign policy is deeply unserious

Michael Ledeen comments:

Obama, Sarkozy, and Brown are shocked. Except that they aren’t. They’ve known about it for years. They only told us about it when the Iranians, having discovered that we knew what they were up to in Qom, told the IAEA. So what’s all the faux garment rending and chest pounding about?

Once the Iranians confessed, the West had a choice: Either we knew or we didn’t. If we didn’t, our intelligence agencies were even more incompetent than we thought. If we did, somebody might ask why we were pretending there was hope that the Iranian regime might eventually cooperate.

In other words, they knew things were much worse than they were saying, and in order to avoid embarrassing questions, Western leaders feigned outrage and promised — yet again — to be tough. . .

Meanwhile, the president’s diplomatic ire is not aimed at Iran, a tyrannical enemy. He’s focused on Israel and Honduras. Two democratic allies.

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