Obama’s school speech was revised

When President Obama announced his plan to give a speech to school students, many people were concerned. This is a president who observes no distinction between campaigning and governing, and whose administration has already shown a willingness to use the organs of government for propaganda. Moreover, the lesson plan issued by the Education Department explicitly used the speech as an opportunity for political indoctrination.

But, under public pressure, the Education Department rescinded the lesson plan and the speech itself ultimately proved innocuous. Democrats pounced, saying that conservatives’ concerns were unjustified and frankly a bit crazy.

As I (and others) pointed out at the time, we had no way of knowing what the speech would have said if not for the public uproar. For all we knew, the public uproar may well have been the reason the speech was innocuous.

Now we do know. The Washington Post reports that the president’s speech was cleaned of controversial content, exactly as we speculated:

When critics lashed out at President Obama for scheduling a speech to public school students this month, accusing him of wanting to indoctrinate children to his politics, his advisers quickly scrubbed his planned comments for potentially problematic wording. They then reached out to progressive Web sites such as the Huffington Post, liberal bloggers and Democratic pundits to make their case to a friendly audience.

(Emphasis mine.) (Via Instapundit.) (Previous post.)

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