ACORN video #4

James O’Keefe has released yet another video of ACORN criminal behavior. That makes four now: Baltimore, DC, Brooklyn, and now San Bernadino, California. I’d say he has pretty well demolished ACORN’s claim that this is just a few bad apples.

And Hannah Giles hints of more to come:

  1. Ask A Question: What if a “prostitute” and her alleged law school boyfriend walk into ACORN seeking housing for an underage brothel to fund his future congressional campaign?
  2. Do Background Research:
    1. Learn as much about ACORN housing procedures and protocol as possible.
    2. History of ACORN and their effect on the United States
  3. Construct a Hypothesis: ACORN is corrupt and it is in their nature to promote and disguise illegal behavior.
  4. Experiment: Baltimore, DC, Brooklyn, San Bernardino, and…
  5. Analyze and draw a conclusion.

(Emphasis mine.) (Previous post.)

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