Ted Kennedy: a non-hagiography

With Ted Kennedy’s funeral a week in the past, I hope it’s not too early to note something that seems a bit relevant as Democrats seek to exploit his sainted memory to enact health care nationalization: Ted Kennedy was not a very good person.

There’s Chappaquiddick, of course, and there’s also Kennedy’s bizarre affinity for Chappaquiddick jokes. There’s his boorish/criminal behavior towards women. Perhaps most appallingly, there’s Kennedy’s unsuccessful effort to collaborate with the Soviet Union in order to undermine President Reagan. (Although the incident has been public since Boris Yeltsin briefly opened the Soviet Central Committee archives in 1992, it wasn’t well known until this story hit.)

Somehow, the left idolized this man (even the feminist left!) and the media now calls him “the lion of the Senate.” He was reelected seven times after Chappaquiddick. This all proves that the left will forgive anything at all, if only you promote their causes.

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