Smoking gun

It has been a long time since there was any real doubt that Venezuela supports FARC, the communist rebel/terrorist group in Colombia. It has been particularly clear since a Colombian raid captured a FARC computer containing files detailing Venezuela’s support. But Hugo Chavez claimed the files were a fraud, and those with reason to do so pretended to believe him.

Now Colombia has proof:

Swedish-made anti-tank rocket launchers sold to Venezuela years ago were obtained by Colombia’s main rebel group, and Sweden said Monday it was demanding an explanation.

Colombia said its military found the weapons in a captured rebel arms cache and that Sweden had recently confirmed they originally were sold to Venezuela’s military. . .

The head of the Swedish government agency that supervises weapons exports, Jan-Erik Lovgren, told Swedish Radio that the weapons were sold to Venezuela in the 1980s.

Lovgren said the incident — a clear violation of end-user licenses — could affect future decisions on whether to allow weapons sales to Venezuela.

Naturally, Venezuela is continuing to deny everything, but their denial doesn’t even make sense:

Venezuela’s justice minister, Tareck El Aissami, on Monday dismissed the report of the missiles, denying that “our government or institutions have ever collaborated with any type of criminal or terrorist organizations.”

He told state television that the case of the rocket launchers appears “a cheap film of the U.S. government.”

Venezuela needs to give up the charade. Sweden sold the weapons to Venezuela, and Colombia has them now. How did Colombia obtain them, if not the way it said?

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