Snatching spin from the jaws of factchecking

Newsweek catches a minor error by President Obama:

“I don’t know if anybody else will meet their future wife or husband in class like I did, but I’m sure you’ll all going to have wonderful careers,” the president said.

In fact, he did not meet her in class:

The thing is: Obama didn’t technically meet his wife at school. Although both are Harvard Law School grads, Michelle Obama got her degree in the spring of 1988 while her future husband didn’t actually start school there until later that fall. (He graduated in 1991). The Obamas officially met in Chicago in 1989, when the future president was a summer associate at the Sidley Austin law firm and Michelle was assigned as his mentor.

Now, I don’t care in the least whether Barack Obama remembers how he met his wife (although his wife might care). But Newsweek apparently can’t bear to see their hero trapped in even a minor, unimportant falsehood, and felt the need to spin for him:

Was what Obama said wrong? Technically no, considering Obama was still going to school when he met his wife.

You can be as “technical” as you like; this is simply wrong.  Meeting while you’re in school is not the same thing as meeting in class. This is spin, and poor quality spin at that.

(Via the Corner.)

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