I’m equal parts pleased and shocked to note that this article, on the inaugural convention of the Anglican Church in North America, is accurate.  Kudos to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for publishing it.  The article notes:

[Members of the new church] believe the Episcopal Church has failed to uphold biblical authority and traditional Christian doctrine on matters ranging from the divinity of Christ to sexual ethics.

Most stories on the schism of the Episcopal Church claim that it is about homosexuality, which isn’t remotely true. Questions about sexual ethics in general, and homosexuality in particular, may well be what most interest the press, but that doesn’t mean that Christians share that emphasis. Christians are much more concerned that the Episcopal Church has broken from basic teachings on the divinity of Christ, the sin of mankind, and the significance of the crucifixion for achieving our redemption from sin. A church that discards those teachings, as the Episcopal Church has, is no longer Christian at all.

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