DVRs are little used

I find this news astonishing:

As prices fell and cable and satellite firms began to bundle DVRs with other services, their popularity soared. According to Nielsen, a media-research outfit, 29% of American homes now have one. . .

Yet those households do not use them nearly as much as one might expect. Families with DVRs seem to spend 15-20% of their viewing time watching pre-recorded shows, and skip only about half of all advertisements. This means only about 5% of television is time-shifted and less than 3% of all advertisements are skipped. Mitigating that loss, people with DVRs watch more television.

Tivo is great because it puts me, rather than the broadcasters, in charge of my viewing habits.  To a good approximation, I watch only pre-recorded shows.  And why would you watch commercials if you don’t have to?  My pre-schooler complains that the TV is broken if a commercial ever comes on.  How is it possible that most people are happy to watch programs when they are told to watch, and are happy to be interrupted every few minutes?  I don’t get it.

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