How a bill becomes a law

Nancy Pelosi wants to avoid the outrage over the AIG bonuses, so she wants us to know that she isn’t reponsible for the provision that protects them.  But Pelosi goes further, and makes the bizarre, counterfactual claim that the House never saw the provision at all:

Pelosi continuously denied that she or any other House Democrat signed off on the provision, even though the House eventually voted to agree to the conference report on the stimulus bill.

“This was never brought to conference,” she said. “This never came to the House side, and you can talk to any of our conferees. It’s a matter of fact and record.”

(Via the Corner.)

Obviously, the bill did come to the House side, since that’s how bills become law.  Presumably Pelosi knows this; does she think we don’t? Anyway, to avoid any confusion, I’m offering this as a public service:

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