White House hires thief

It’s not just tax cheats that get jobs in the Obama Administration, but thieves as well:

Troubles for the man in charge of federal spending and policy on information technology continue to be revealed.

According to Maryland state records, Vivek Kundra, the White House chief information officer who took leave last Thursday — one week after being named to the position, pleaded guilty to a petty theft charge 12 years ago.

Kundra, who was formerly the D.C. technology officer, received supervised probation before judgment in 1997 for pleading guilty to a theft of less than $300. He was also fined $500, which was lowered to $100 after the rest was suspended.

ASIDE: This is separate from the recent FBI raid on Kundra’s office, in an investigation of which we are assured Kundra is not a target.  We’ll see.

One’s first inclination is to blame incompetent vetting, but that might not be right.  We just learned yesterday that the Obama Administration was aware of the tax problems with many of its nominees, but decided to go forward with them anyway.  So it seems possible, even likely, that the vetters were aware that Kundra is a convicted thief, but the White House hired him anyway.

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