Huffington uses doctored video for Gibson smear

The Huffington Post uses a doctored video to smear Fox News’s John Gibson.  (Via Instapundit.) Huffington has a retraction up now, so we can take this claim as corroborated.

POSTSCRIPT: I’m not giving this the Media Failure category.  The Huffington Post fancies itself a newspaper, but it’s really a group blog with airs.

UPDATE: tracked down the doctored video to its source, who appears to be blameless.  (Via Hot Air.) He says he only made it for a few friends, and added clear annotations indicating it was not what Gibson actually said.  Somehow the annotations disappeared by the time it was posted on TV Newser, which may well have been innocent incompetence.  The Huffington Post isn’t off the hook, though; if they fancy themselves a newspaper, they need to learn to check original sources.

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