Public support for stimulus slips

Rasmussen reports that public support for the stimulus boondoggle has slipped eight points into a statistical tie, with 42% now in favor and 39% opposed.  (Via the Corner.)  Democratic and Republican support remain steady, at 74% and 18%.  Independents are responsible for the shift, and now oppose the plan by a 50% to 27% margin.  Nevertheless, most expect the package to pass.

This debate has been great for Republicans.  As Yuval Levin points out, Democrats had the opportunity to behave like grown-ups and show that they can be trusted with the reins of power.  Instead, they’ve loaded up the “stimulus” package with every little thing on the liberal shopping list, plus an insane amount of pork.  In the process, they’ve shown that Republicans are the party of fiscal sanity (relatively speaking); however irresponsible the Republicans were from 2001 to 2006, the Democrats are even worse.

It remains to be seen whether Republicans will stand by their new-found principles when they are in control again.  That can’t happen for a minimum of two years, and considering the electoral map, it will probably be longer.  But, the behavior of the Democrats over the last two weeks is hastening that day.

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