Bush family brought little home

Policies aside, this story reminds us that the Bush family is a class act:

Unlike Bill and Hillary Clinton, George and Laura Bush will take few treasured mementos with them from their years at the White House.

When the Clintons left the White House in January 2001, the former first couple took with them more than 50 gifts — including a chandelier, flatware, and paintings — valued at nearly $200,000.

The Bushes, however, borrowed from furnishings that already existed within the White House collection, said Sally McDonough, press secretary to Laura Bush.

“Mrs. Bush — having the experience of being at the White House when her father-in-law was president — knew how many beautiful things she had to choose from to furnish the residence. And she will go back to Texas with only those items that belong to her,” McDonough told FOXNews.com.

ASIDE: This story is also notable for being the first Bush puff piece I’ve seen in years.  (Perhaps ever; it’s hard to remember for sure.)  This kind of story is usually the exclusive province of Barack Obama.

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