Banned in Europe

James Rummel notices an alarming document (pdf), listing offenses the EU sees as crimes:

Seems the European Union is attempting to establish a “European Criminal Records Information System”. . . A criminal database is something I heartily approve of, particularly when dealing with all of those little bitty countries that make up the EU. . . But I was taken aback when I looked over the categories of offenses that would make up the data entered into the database. The sheer number of offenses is staggering, taking up at least half of the PDF file I linked to above. And some of them are not anything that I would consider a crime.

If you want to see just where the EU is going, then take a look at sections 1205-00 and 1206-00. Both of them say that it is a crime to “insult” the State, the Nation, the symbols of the State or Nation, or representatives of the State/Nation. Does this mean that it is considered a crime if someone writes an op-ed that is disparaging of a politician? Sure sounds like it. . .

Keep in mind that this is simply a list of offenses where someone has already been found guilty. It is not a list of new laws, nor is it a sentencing guideline. But if this is an accurate snapshot of what the EU considers to be crimes, then it is probably too late for them.

(Via Instapundit.)

We ought not be comforted by the last paragraph.  The document may not make sedition and dissent into crimes, but it does mean that when a member state does, the EU will now make sure that such “crimes” follow the “perpetrators” throughout Europe.  Anyone convicted of insulting the state or its representatives will have to leave Europe entirely.

Well, I suppose that’s why we have America.

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