The Chicago Way

Jim Lindgren looks at the chronology of the Blagojevich scandal. He argues that it only makes sense if Obama’s team refused a bribe solicitation from Blagojevich. Coupled with Obama’s refusal to deny any contact between his staff and Blagojevich, it seems pretty clear what must have happened.

Lindgren speculates further that Obama’s people might have cooperated with the investigation. If so, that could justify his refusal to answer whether they had any contact with Blagojevich, and Obama will come out of this looking pretty good. On the other hand, it will look very bad if they failed to report it, and some more people will get tossed under the bus.

UPDATE: Lindgren’s hypothesis looks even better now, in light of Obama’s latest carefully phrased denial: “Our office had no involvement in any deal-making for my Senate seat.  That I am absolutely certain of.”  Note that he does not deny any contact, just deal-making.

I do wish he would come right out and say what he knows.

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