New Anglican province to launch December 3

So reports Virtue Online:

The new American province will launch on December 2-3 in Wheaton, IL, when the Council of the Common Cause Partnership will receive and likely commend a draft constitution and canons for the new province. If this is done, the formal announcement of the new province will take place at a service on the evening of 3rd December.

Recognition of the new province by the majority of the Anglican primates is a forgone conclusion, but it’s not entirely clear what Rowan Williams will do.  I think he will probably recognize the new province to avoid a larger rift in the Anglican communion, but he might try to strike some compromise position.  (It’s hard to compromise on a binary decision, but one shouldn’t underestimate human creativity.)

Barring a change of heart on the part of the Episcopal Church, the two American provinces will be in litigation for years.

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