Biden likens Obama to Jefferson, etc.

Fox News reports:

Joe Biden on Monday compared Barack Obama to Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. . .

Biden . . . stressed that his Obama is a genuine force for change. As proof, Democratic vice presidential candidate pointed to the kind of attacks that have historically been directed at new leaders with new ideas.

“The defenders of the status quo have always tried to tear down those who would change our nation for the better,” Biden said. “They said Thomas Jefferson wasn’t … a real Christian. That was the essence of the campaign against him. Well, does that sound familiar?” he said.

“Ladies and gentlemen, they said Abraham Lincoln … wanted to take away individual rights. Ladies and gentlemen, they said Franklin Roosevelt would destroy the American system of life. Sound familiar? And ladies and gentlemen, they said that John F. Kennedy was, quote, ‘a dangerous choice in difficult times.’ … Sound familiar?”

A few thoughts:

  • Actually, every presidential candidate faces these sorts of attacks. It’s called politics. The question is whether the attacks are fair.
  • New ideas? Does Obama actually have any new ideas? I’ve not heard a single one that isn’t just an old liberal retread.
  • Jefferson was attacked for not being a Christian (which, for the record, was true), but more seriously was attacked for being too enamored of the French revolution. The French revolution, of course, led to the reign of terror, and eventually to the re-institution of the monarchy, which is not something one would have wanted to see repeated in America. History has vindicated Jefferson, but going in there was legitimate reason for concern on the latter issue.
  • What, no love for Reagan? I thought Reagan was a bipartisan figure now. New ideas? Check! Vicious attacks? Check!

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