NBC and MSNBC conceals Biden’s crisis comments

Many media outlets simply ignored Biden’s comment about Obama’s inexperience triggering a crisis, but that wasn’t proactive enough for NBC and MSNBC. They covered the story, but rather than play than the Biden comment in question, they played a much less damaging Biden comment, and pretended that it was the newsmaking one. They then juxtaposed it with McCain’s response, without any indication that it was not the remark McCain was referring too.

(Via Instapundit.)

UPDATE: Biden’s crisis comment was given in Seattle, and the less damaging (steel-in-his-spine) version was given (according to Breitbart) in San Francisco.  But MSNBC further obfuscates the affair by labelling the San Francisco remark as given in Seattle.

Today, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell was pressed on this, and didn’t seem even to know about the Seattle remark!  (Via Instapundit.)

Can we call it a cover-up yet?

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