Brooklyn public school ordered to cease electioneering

This is interesting:

Inspirational poster or openly partisan politics? That is the question over a large poster featuring Sen. Barack Obama that was on display over a middle school in Brooklyn.

The New York City Department of Education has reportedly ordered MS 61 in Crown Heights to remove the poster. The Gladstone H Atwell School is located a few blocks east of Prospect Park. . .

The Post says the action continues the DOE’s crackdown on politically charged expression in schools – as the teachers union defends workers’ rights to wear partisan campaign buttons in class.

The teachers union complains that this crackdown violates their right to free expression, and they have a point.  But perhaps it’s not the point they want.

The fact is that when you become a public employee, you sacrifice some of your right to free expression while you’re on the job.  As a public employee you are representing the government and your activities are paid by it, and as such your position is incompatible with electioneering.

But there is a simple way to resolve this issue.  Don’t be a public employee.  If all education were private, teachers could do whatever they wanted (provided their employer agreed).  Problem solved.

As a bonus: we wouldn’t have to fight over public school curricula any more.  Private schools would teach what they want, and parents would vote with their feet.

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