NYT promotes the rape kit lie

A New York Times editorial promotes the myth that Sarah Palin’s Wasilla charged rape victims for rape kits. It’s not true. Slate has the latest debunking, but it appears that nothing can stop this smear. The editorial contains quite a few errors/lies, and the facts are simple:

  • There is no record of a victim ever being charged for a rape kit in Wasilla.
  • It was never Wasilla policy to charge victims for rape kits. For a time, the chief of police did have a policy of trying to bill insurance (which is also stupid), but there was no policy of billing the victim if that claim was denied.
  • Sarah Palin has given a direct answer on the subject, despite the editorial’s claim that she has not.
  • An Alaska law that prohibits charging victims for rape kits was not directed at Wasilla.
  • Sarah Palin never banned any books as mayor. (Lord knows what this has to do with rape kits, anyway.)

(Via Instapundit.)

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