NYT attacks Obama dishonesty

I think my internet connection is broken, because I’m reading articles that can’t possibly exist: a new story in the New York Times is highlighting several dishonest Obama ads.

The article makes some mistakes, such as toeing the Democratic line that McCain’s ads are somehow dishonest (they mention only three explicitly — sex education for kindergartners, lipstick-on-a-pig, and celebrity — which are all accurate, or at worst matters of interpretation).  But, that attack is already priced in, and I don’t think that repeating it has much of an impact at this point.  It also inaccurately states that Sarah Palin opposes stem cell research (she opposes embryonic stem cell research), but that also is probably priced in.

What could have an impact is the NYT pointing out that, despite all his high supposed principles (“I’m not going to start making up lies about John McCain.”), Obama is willing to lie.  Of course Obama has been lying for a long time (just read this blog), but this may be the first time the NYT’s readers will have heard of it.  Many, like Democratic strategists Joe Trippi and Chris Lehane, quoted in the article, will simply shrug, but the NYT doubtless has a few readers who will be bothered.  And, if nothing else, it gives McCain material to use in his own ads.

(Via Hot Air.)

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