Palin hacker speaks

The jackass who hacked Sarah Palin’s private email account has posted an account of his criminal activity. Wired has the story. Three interesting things:

  • He used a “security question” and googled personal information to do it. I’ve always hated security questions, and this is why. I always try not to use them, but most sites seem to require them now. (Note to hackers: the name of my pet is “teLVhwnlX2sVFDGf0NtK”.)
  • He was hoping to find something incriminating, but didn’t. (How many politicians could make that boast?)
  • The owner of the email account used to make the post has been tentatively identified as a Tennessee college student. (Wired doesn’t say how.) If this identification is accurate, it’s interesting because his father is a Democratic representative in the Tennessee legislature.

Even if Wired is wrong, he will probably be caught pretty soon, according to a story in the Register.

(Via Instapundit.)

UPDATE: The student in question is the son of Tennessee State Rep. Mike Kernell.  (Via Instapundit.)

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