CNN misses the point

The idea to a political fact-check is to report the actual facts, not echo a campaign’s claims. CNN is missing the point:

BLITZER: Senator Obama blasts opponents for distorting his record on abortion-related legislation. We’re checking the facts.

. . .

BLITZER: So just a recap, Mary, what is the basic difference between these two bills?

SNOW: Well, 2003, the National Right to Life Committee will say the language is very similar, but what the Obama camp pointed out is that it lacked a provision to protect Roe v. Wade. That was the measure that was added two years later, so that is the explanation why the campaign said and Obama has said that he opposed that 2003 law.

The Obama camp may have “pointed out” that the bill lacked that provision, but it’s not true. The NRLC has the documents to prove it, and the Obama campaign has conceded the truth. If CNN cannot even “check the facts” accurately when they’ve already been established, what good are they?

(Via the Corner.)

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