Time parrots Obama talking points

In an aside about the Landstuhl controversy (one actually irrelevant to their article) Time treats the Obama campaign’s explanation as fact:

The new McCain story line has also been hurt by factual problems in many of their charges, which could cause McCain problems over time. . . [An advertisement] suggested that Obama avoided meeting with troops in Germany because he could not bring along the media to make it a photo op. In truth, Obama canceled the meeting because he did not want to be accused of holding a campaign event with wounded soldiers.

Wrong. In truth, we don’t know exactly why Obama canceled the meeting. However, we do have most of the story, and we do know that it was not for the reason the Obama campaign originally gave (concern over appearances of a campaign event), nor was it for the second reason the campaign gave (the Pentagon scuttled the visit). By Obama’s own admission, the reason had to do with the hospital’s refusal to allow a particular campaign operative, retired general Jonathan Gration, to attend.

McCain’s accusation was supported by an NBC News report that indicated the visit was cancelled because campaign staff and the media would not be permitted to attend. As it turned out, NBC was on to something, but garbled the facts. Consequently, McCain is no longer running the ad.

Time is entitled to slant its articles in favor of Obama, but it ought to get the facts right.

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