Google censors anti-Obama YouTube video

A YouTube video criticizing the Obama messiah complex has been flagged as adult content, making it hard to view and crippling its traffic.  (Via Instapundit.)  I viewed the video, and although it’s silly, there’s nothing objectionable about it, other than its anti-Obama message.

One might argue (dubiously) that Google isn’t responsible for outsiders abusing its procedures, but that won’t get them off the hook.  The flag has been in place for over a month, so Google has had more than enough time to review the flag, but according to the video’s author, they won’t even reply to his emails.  That makes them complicit.

It was less than a month ago that Google suspended several anti-Obama blogs.  We should be very concerned with how a company with clear ideological preferences and an increasing willingness to act on them is gaining an effective monopoly on access to information on the Internet.

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