Car thief saves the day

A car thief found a crude car bomb, and drove it out of a residential area before notifying police:

A bomb-laden van found on a Brooklyn street by a car thief was wired to detonate by remote control, and had likely been sitting there for more than five months, sources said yesterday. . .

Sources said the homemade bombs inside the Econoline – made of Styrofoam cups, 10-ounce water bottles, cans of WD-40 and five-gallon jugs filled with gasoline – were rigged to go off via a remote car-door opener.

A thief who broke into the vehicle as it was parked on 53rd Street near Second Avenue saw the explosives, then drove the van from the mostly residential block to a remote location near the waterfront.

The thief, who has an arrest record, then phoned a cop he knew from a previous run-in with the law. . . The car thief was not expected to be charged.

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