Eurocrats lied about their own poll

After Irish voters rejected the Lisbon treaty, the EU commissioned a poll to find out why. But it seems they didn’t like what they found, according to Open Europe Blog, who observe that the EU appears to have lied about the results.  They claim that 40% voted no because they didn’t understand it, when the actual (pdf link) number is 22%.  (The article specifically mentions Eurobarometer, so it does look like they’re talking about the same poll.)

Why does this matter?  Here’s why:

There is a growing feeling that European leaders meeting in Brussels tomorrow for their six-monthly summit will want another Irish referendum next year to save the treaty, which they regard as vital for the streamlining of the EU.


“Of course, we must respect Ireland’s constitutional system, but we must also respect the vote of the 18 countries which have already ratified the treaty. The Irish ‘no’ cannot be the last word.”

The only thing that is final is a yes vote.

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