Obama prepares to reverse on Iraq?

The Washington Post editorializes:

The [Iraqi] foreign minister [Hoshyar Zebari] said “my message” to Mr. Obama “was very clear. . . . Really, we are making progress. I hope any actions you will take will not endanger this progress.” He said he was reassured by the candidate’s response, which caused him to think that Mr. Obama might not differ all that much from Mr. McCain. Mr. Zebari said that in addition to promising a visit, Mr. Obama said that “if there would be a Democratic administration, it will not take any irresponsible, reckless, sudden decisions or action to endanger your gains, your achievements, your stability or security. Whatever decision he will reach will be made through close consultation with the Iraqi government and U.S. military commanders in the field.”

(Via BOTW, via Instapundit.)

It’s curious that this news is appearing in an editorial and not in any news report. (At least, I couldn’t find one, except second-hand stories referring to the editorial.) Additionally, according to ABC’s Jake Tapper, Obama denied to him that the conversation went the way the Post reports. But, that was before the editorial came out, so he wasn’t denying a specific report. Also, the Goulsbee controversy showed that Obama’s denials don’t mean anything (except perhaps in a ultra-literal way, such as denying an entire story because it took place at the Canadian consulate rather than embassy).

Anyway, not every flip-flop is bad, so this is potential good news.

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