Matthews and Olbermann reportedly want Russert’s job

I don’t know if it’s true (everyone denies it, of course), but for your amusement:

Matthews denies he wants to host “Meet the Press”: “I love what I do. My Sunday show is a perfect fit for me. I hope they find a perfect fit for ‘Meet the Press.’ ”

Meanwhile, Matthews’ MSNBC cable cohort Olbermann, who was also at the memorial, is “threatening to quit if he isn’t installed as Russert’s replacement,” another insider said. “I know, it sounds ludicrous, but, then, Keith Olbermann is ludicrous.”

A rep for MSNBC said, “All of this is utterly untrue.”

Russert himself wanted Chuck Todd, the NBC News political director he hired, to succeed him, said one source, who added that MSNBC hosts don’t stand a chance of landing “Meet the Press.” The insider said, “They’re cable. They’re far too partisan. They have no gravitas. If gravitas is eight letters, they’re about seven letters short.”

(Via Jammie Wearing Fool, via Instapundit.)

They ought to try to get Cokie Roberts.  She’s liberal (which is probably a requirement), but she’s smart and not overly partisan.  She also has experience on that sort of show.

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