Judge Walther under guard

Judge Barbara Walther — who ordered the removal of hundreds of children from the FLDS ranch in violation of the law and stalled their return — is under guard for her protection:

The home of the San Angelo judge who ordered the removal of 440 children from a polygamist ranch is under guard after Utah and Arizona authorities warned of “enforcers” from the sect, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

Police assigned to Judge Barbara Walther’s San Angelo house were provided dossiers and photos of 16 men and women deemed a threat, the Deseret News said.

(Via Instapundit.)

What the article doesn’t mention is any credible evidence of an actual threat.  It’s hard to tell from the article (thanks, AP!), but this sounds like little more than blog comments.  It could just be bad reporting by the AP (of course), but it’s just as likely that this is a PR stunt by the authorities.

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