Obama admits a mistake

This almost never happens, so it’s worth noting when it does. After bloggers pointed out that Obama’s story of his uncle liberating the Auschwitz death camp was impossible, insofar as Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army, the Obama campaign issued a statement saying that he meant to say Buchenwald.

UPDATE: Rand Simberg points out that Obama has been talking about Americans liberating Auschwitz (and Treblinka) for years, which tends to undermine the “he misspoke” defense. (Via LGF.)

ANOTHER UPDATE: Riehl World View and Rand Simberg question whether the revised story is true either. (Via Instapundit.) It appears that Obama’s great-uncle may not have been in the 89th Infantry at all, and in fact may have served in the Navy. Still, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the (revised) story ends up being true. If so, Obama can help his case by telling us his great-uncle’s full name.

LATER UPDATE: The (revised) story does indeed seem to be true, despite some confusion about the great-uncle’s name.

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