“You cheated!”

Rich Lowry explains the rules of this election:

Here are the Obama rules in detail: He can’t be called a “liberal” (“the same names and labels they pin on everyone,” as Obama puts it); his toughness on the war on terror can’t be questioned (“attempts to play on our fears”); his extreme positions on social issues can’t be exposed (“the same efforts to distract us from the issues that affect our lives” and “turn us against each other”); and his Chicago background too is off-limits (“pouncing on every gaffe and association and fake controversy”). Besides that, it should be a freewheeling and spirited campaign.

Glenn Reynolds quips, “They kind of remind me of Calvinball. Perhaps the election will end ‘Q to 12.'” You know, I think I’ve seen that result in a few Zogby polls. . .

Seriously though, Reynolds is on to something. It does seem like playing a game with a preschooler. Invariably, the preschooler will layer on additional rules (“you can’t move your feet” or “you can only use one hand”) until he can’t lose. The preschooler often gets away with it, too.

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