Hypocrisy, thy name is Howard Dean

A new DNC ad attacking McCain prominently features the 100-years calumny yet again. Then it goes on to show two soldiers apparently being blown up by an IED.

This is the same party that thought it was unacceptable for President Bush to “politicize” 9/11 by using its images in his re-election campaign.

ASIDE: Confederate Yankee tracks down the clip and finds that both soldiers survived the blast. Also, the clip comes from Fahrenheit 911, Michael Moore’s notorious propaganda piece.

Dean tries to defend the 100-years aspect:

On Meet the Press Sunday, DNC chair Howard Dean defended the ad, saying, “we’re not arguing that he’s going to be at war for a hundred years. We don’t think we ought to be in Iraq for a hundred years under any circumstances.”

That won’t wash. They use images of war and quote casualties. They are clearly implying 100 years of war.

(Via Instapundit.)

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