Violent weekend rocks Chicago

AP reports:

An outburst of gunfire rattled the city during the weekend, with at least nine people killed in 36 separate acts of violence.

“There are just too many weapons here,” [Police Superintendent Jody] Weis said Sunday. “Too many guns, too many gangs.”

I’m confused. Doesn’t Illinois have the most severe gun control outside of D.C.? From Wikipedia:

Some municipalities, most notably Chicago, require that all firearms be registered with the local police department. Chicago does not allow the registration of handguns, which has the effect of outlawing their possession, unless they were grandfathered in by being registered before April 16, 1982. . .

Illinois is one of two remaining states that have no provision for the concealed carry of firearms by citizens. Open carry is also illegal, except when hunting. When a firearm is being transported, it must be unloaded and enclosed in a case.

If gun control works, there shouldn’t be any guns in Chicago, right?

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