Knoll makes a scene

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll makes a scene at a rally for Hillary Clinton:

Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato was introducing [Bill] Clinton to a crowd of about 6,000 people in Market Square, where they had gathered to hear a campaign speech by Clinton’s wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

When Onorato tried to hand over the microphone, Knoll grabbed it and let loose with some talk targeted at Onorato and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

“They never recognize the lieutenant governor. These two men can’t stand women,” she said, before leaving the stage while talking to Onorato.

It gets weirder:

After the campaign event ended, Knoll spoke briefly with WTAE Channel 4 Action News reporter Paul Van Osdol.

“You really think that Mr. Onorato and Mr. Ravenstahl don’t like women?” Van Osdol asked.

“No, it’s a guy in the back who doesn’t know who Cathy Baker Knoll is,” Knoll said.

“Why did you say that about Luke and Dan?” Van Osdol asked.

“Because they’re afraid of the guys who call the shots,” Knoll said. “You know what? I’m not afraid of anybody.”

(There’s video.)  How often do you see a politician simultaneously make powerful enemies and show the world that they’re barking mad?  I think Knoll just committed political suicide.

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