Obama dowdifies McCain

Glenn Reynolds remarks, “He’s not used to being challenged on his statements. That will change.”

I’m not so sure. No one (outside the blogosphere) is calling him on it here, and they still have another candidate. Why would you think the media will be more likely to fact-check him after they’re stuck with him?

UPDATE: Dowdification refers to the selective editing of a quote in such a way as to change (or invert) its meaning, particularly by the addition of ellipses. In this case Obama extracts a relative clause, deletes its relativizer, and quotes it as a complete sentence.

ANOTHER UPDATE: David Freddoso asks, “Is the man a liar, or are his speechwriters and advisors just that willing to leave him vulnerable to attack?” Good question.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Reynolds may be right; some in the media are on to Obama: ABC News, CNN, and the Chicago Tribune. (Via Commentary, via Instapundit.)

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