Battlefield: Bad Company beta

The Battlefield: Bad Company beta gets a bad review from Amazon Game Room for having green friendlies and red enemies, making it unplayable for people with red-green color-blindness.  (Via Instapundit.)  Also, the BF:BC beta is getting bad reviews from my friends for being not a very good game.  Plus, just about everyone hates EA.

The Amazon review is titled “Gaming while color blind,” but, to be fair,  I think most shooters get this right.  Halo 3 paints characters red and blue, plus it floats an icon over friendlies.  Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has just the icon, which is good enough when it’s not clipped by a doorway.  In Gears of War, it’s humans or monsters.  Call of Duty 4 does have a floating name in red or green, but you can also look at the uniforms (and half the time you have to anyway).

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