US News rankings for programming languages

The US News and World Report rankings of graduate programs are out.  In addition to ranking schools by strength in fields overall, they also rank specialty areas such as programming languages.  (No permalink.)  Let’s take a look:

1 Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA
2 University of California–Berkeley

Berkeley, CA
3 Stanford University

Stanford, CA
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA
5 Cornell University

Ithaca, NY
6 Princeton University

Princeton, NJ
University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

Urbana, IL
8 University of Texas–Austin

Austin, TX
9 Rice University

Houston, TX
10 University of Wisconsin–Madison

Madison, WI

This list seems pretty much random.  I’m glad to see my school on top, but the rest of the list is so strange that I can’t honestly take much satisfaction from it.  The University of Pennsylvania, which has one of the strongest groups in PL, doesn’t make the list at all!

Are all the US News rankings this bad?  Probably, yes.  One of the principles I’ve learned is when the media is wrong about anything of which I have direct knowledge, it’s probably wrong about everything else as well.

BONUS: Glenn Reynolds has some related thoughts about law school rankings.

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