A moral case for Iraq

I’m tired of the defeat-in-Iraq crowd pretending that they have the moral high ground.  Of course we can and should make pragmatic arguments for finishing the job based on our own security, but there’s a moral argument we should make as well.  The pro-defeat crowd wants to abandon an entire people to the worst kind of tyranny in existence today, and all the while they’re patting themselves on the back.

I would like to see John McCain run an ad like this:

(Video shows a teenaged Iraqi girl.)  This is Amira.  She lives in Iraq.  She has had a difficult childhood: she saw her father and uncle carried away for speaking critically of Saddam Hussein.  [Adjust details as appropriate.]  But now Amira is free, and she has dreams for her life.  She wants to travel, to study and become an artist, or a doctor.

(Video shifts to Al Qaeda thugs.)  But there are some who don’t want Amira to realize her aspirations.   Men who subscribe to a perverted form of Islam and wish to impose it on her country, and indeed the world.  (Brief collage of Taliban and Iranian atrocities.)  These men come into her country and set off bombs, hoping to terrorize her people into obedience.  (Aftermath of a car bomb.)

(Screen splits, with Amira on one side and the U.S. Capitol on the other.)  Will America continue to stand with Amira, or will we abandon her to her enemies?  This November, you will help make that decision.

I’m John McCain, and I approved this message.

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