The coveted Internet Scofflaw endorsement

My new voter registration card arrived in the mail yesterday.  I’m now a registered Democrat.  Pennsylvania is abuzz about the Presidential primary, which, against all expectation, has turned out to matter.  I’m part of the surge of Republicans that are changing their party registration to Democrat.  (Aside: the Pennsylvania Department of State says that Republican-to-Democrat switchers outnumber the other direction by a 3-to-1 margin.  Only 3-to-1?  Who’s going the other way?)

I will be voting for Clinton.  This is not because I think she’ll be the easier opponent to McCain to beat.  I think it’s a fools errand to try to predict now who will be the stronger opponent in November.  (Remember, the Democrats ended up with Kerry in 2004 because they thought he was the strongest candidate.  Oops.)   Neither is it because I want to see three more months of Democratic internecine warfare,  although I certainly don’t mind.

I will be voting for Clinton simply because she scares me less than Obama.  There’s no question her foreign policy would be a disaster, but she and her people don’t have the same predilection for jaw-droppingly bizarre foreign policy pronouncements.

Of course, this is all a matter of degree.  Both have pledged to abandon Iraq, and neither has any plan to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.  (It’s not clear that President Bush has a plan either, but at least he recognizes the danger.)  Nevertheless, on balance, Clinton seems to be less dangerous.

One Response to The coveted Internet Scofflaw endorsement

  1. Flemmette says:

    My sister-in-law switched to the Republican Party out of sheer disgust with the Democrats. Sometimes it’s not possible to live with the mess, even to make your vote count.

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